What to do if you don’t meet Uber driver requirements!

So, what do you do if your application to drive for Uber gets denied? Every driver is not accepted. Here are some reasons Uber headquarters may not approve you.

Dilemma 1 : You are under the required age of 21.

Uber requires all their drivers to be 21 years old. 47 states recognize adults at the age of 18. Seems Uber has more reasoning behind their age rule.

Dilemma 2 : You are missing a Social Security Number, or not a legal U.S. working resident.

If you are an immigrant, I suggest consultation with an immigration lawyer. Your visa document may prohibit you from working in the U.S., but Uber may allow you to sign up with an SSN # you have. This could violate the terms of your issued visa, and is not recommended.

Dilemma 3 : The background check administered was NOT passed.

If Uber declines your application due to a failed background check, request it yourself. It’s important to see what is hindering you from making money as an Uber driver. If what’s listed is correct it will take about 7 years to drop off your record.

Dilemma 4 : Your Uber car doesn’t qualify.

If your vehicle doesn’t meet the guidelines for driving with uber, simply upgrade. You don’t have to buy a new car, used is just fine. Uber even has a leasing program for drivers to get started. The payment for your used or leased vehicle will be offset by the money you earn with Uber weekly.

Dilemma 5 : You lack ALL the in-state documents required.

To drive for Uber the following in-state documents are mandatory:

  • License
  • Car registration
  • Car insurance

Dilemma 6 : If you need to secure auto insurance the following companies issue free quotes online.

  • Liberty Mutual Insurance
  • 21st Century Insurance
  • Compare.com